Wouldn’t You Love to:

    • Take the next three months off so you can go into a rehab and deal with your addictions, including alcohol, once and for all?
    • At least take a couple of hours a day to go to an out-patient program?
    • Be able to participate in recovery meetings without running the risk of making your problems known to the world?
    • Be able to bring a personally tailored recovery program  to you so that you can run your organization and still get recovery?

But the Reality Is:

    • Although you can afford the best programs money can buy, you can’t afford the time commitment to do them.
    • If you don’t do something quickly, you will have lots of time when you lose your business, customers, relationships, possessions and friends.
    • You feel like if you do, you are damned and if you don’t, you are damned!

There is a solution:

cropped-bright-future-with-man2.pngBring the Recovery Program to You!  How, When and Where it works for you!  The cornerstone of my counseling approach for the forty-five years that I have been doing this work has always been that I meet the clients where they are and walk them to a better place. Early in my career, I was the only master’s level therapist who took my services to my young, at-risk clients in their environment on the streets or wherever they hung out.  It was the secret of my success with them. I found that they were way more open to counseling in an environment where they were they felt comfortable and secure.

In more recent times, working with upper-level executives and entertainment professionals, I have been totally open to meeting with them where they are most comfortable and most available. It is normal for me to have a counseling session at a residence, office, in a trailer on location or on the phone and at other than normal business hours.

Receive the highest level of professional counseling and sober recovery coaching that you need to achieve and maintain recovery while fitting all that into your busy schedule. You can trust that with my vast experience and my personal long-term recovery, anything I suggest for you is based on sound experience both with my former clients and myself. I do not just talk the talk. I walk the walk!

For services you might need that are not in my expertise, I have a hand-picked and personally screened, group of providers of recovery services, from detox doctors to sober companions, who will bring their services to you.

Interested? The Next Step Is:


To schedule a personal recovery planning session with me. It will be totally confidential, at no cost or risk to you and either by phone or in person depending on our schedules and your availability. In this conversation we will:

  • Review your past experiences with recovery and what has worked for you.
  • Create a sense of clarity about the life you really want to have.
  • Discuss your level of commitment, your daily schedules and your availability so we know the parameters.
  • Based on the above conversation, review what I would recommend as the elements of a successful personalized recovery program for you and with your feedback, arrive at a workable plan of recovery.
  • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to create the life you truly want!
To schedule an appointment for this life-changing session.                                                                             Email me at: jason@mcaatalk.com or                                                                                                           Call me at: 213-804-4408